East Coast Surfcasters!

East Coast Surfcasters is a on-line Community. Please take the time to read our Community Rules at http://www.eastcoastsurfcasters.com/about/terms/community-rules/ East Coast Surfcasters was conceived out of our love for the sport of surfcasting and the Game fish we target.

One of our main reason for creating this on-line Community is to promote catch, photo and release (CPR). We want to avoid the unnecessary slaughter of striped bass, Blue fish, Fluke, etc. that goes on unnecessarily up and down the east coast. (CPR) is what we need to protect our Favorite Game Fish.

This is something we all believe in passionately at East Coast Surfcasters. And we will do our best to educate and inform our readers and members of the benefits of conservation and the importance of (CPR) catch, photo and release and (CR) catch and release.

Love to eat your fish? By all means do! One for the table is makes a great meal but practice (CPR) we all win for generations to come!

No hype here strait forward answers and questions and articles on the sport we Love! With the age of the internet fisherman our sport has changed. Fake fishing reports, Spot Burning, Inflated catch number and size and articles from someone that may never even held a pole let alone caught a fish!