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  1. Our tides map and tide charts up and running!

    Great news our interactive tide map is up and running! This interactive map can and will pull up a single or multiple locations based on your search term. Tides are the most important and first we look up before our outings so we took a crash course in our php to provide the most useful tide prediction service you can find.

    Our new tide system can give you past, future and current tide data by location and monthly and yearly calenders, Now you can look up that past tide, moon, sunrise ...
  2. East Coast Surfcasters Launches Tide Prediction Server

    Well it's been a long time coming but we finally got a Tide Prediction Server running on our site! Now you can get tides from our site, Search past, present and future tide predictions as well as monthly and yearly tide charts! check out the charts at http://www.eastcoastsurfcasters.com/...s.php?tabid=71

    Spring is coming and we are sure you will get a lot of use from this service Enjoy!
  3. The long road

    We have come a long way since our humble start in 2011 and one of our newest improvements is a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This should speed up our site! We also have a new look in our forum in hopes it will be a easier to use and increase user involvement and stop the lurking.

    Lurkers are the biggest issue! We see how many come but just won't get involved no matter how much we try. Our Giveaways do spark a few and advertizing just has not worked as expected. If you have any ideas ...
  4. Grip Studs Review Released!

    We just released our Product Review on Grip Studs™ our editor reviewed them in Montauk and seems to love them. If any one has tried these post your review we love to know how others feel on these #studs .

    Check out the review at Surf Fishing Studs From Grip Studs™
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