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  Blackfish Jigging Slam!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Fishing for blackfish with a specially designed blackfish and porgy jig. Affiliate Links to gear used: Jig: Rod: Reel: Line: Leader (25#): http://amzn....

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  Reading The Beach - Surf Fishing Tips...
richtroxler Channel - As part of my reading the beach series, this surf fishing tip shows you how to identify dips in sandbars and why they are important. It also explains standing waves and why they make it difficult to read water....

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  BIG Fall Surfcasting Stripers - Topwater!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Surfcasting for big stripers with Tsunami Talkin Popper plugs. These plugs work well when fished like a pencil popper. The following are affiliate links: Plug (6'')- Rod - Reel - Penn Slammer 3 - 6500 - http...

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  Albies on the Rocks - Hogy Peanut Jig...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Surf fishing for false albacore on a rocky shoreline using a Hogy Peanut Jig. Affiliate Links to Gear used in this video: Lure - Rod (7.5', 10/17#) - Reel (4000) - Line (20#) - https://ti...

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  Reading the Beach - Surf Fishing Tip...
richtroxler Channel - A combination reading the beach how-to and surf fishing tip on fishing rough water conditions....

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  Surf Fishing for False Albacore - Hogy Lure Review...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Fishing from the beach for False Albacore, AKA, Albies, with Hogy Heavy minnow lures. The albies were feeding on bay anchovies. Affiliate Links to Gear used in this video: Lure - (1.25 ounce) - Rod (7.5', 10/17#) -

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  Fluke/Flounder Fishing Hurricane Swells - Live Bait vs Gulp...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Fishing for fluke, AKA Summer Flounder, on hurricane swells with live snappers, peanut bunker, and bucktails tipped with Gulp. Affiliate links to gear used in this video: Rod: Tsunami Classic Casting 7' XH (15-30#) - Rod - Tsunami Clas...

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  Mudline Bunker with Stripers and Bluefish...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Bass and Bluefish attack bunker schools along the beach mudline. Affiliate Links to Gear: Rod - Tsunami Classic 7' H (12-25#) - Reel - Penn Slammer 3 4500 - Above are affiliate links....

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  Big Summer Flounder (Fluke) on Heavy Jigs...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Catching big fluke (Summer Flounder) on heavy bucktails. Affiliate links to gear: Affiliate links to gear used in this video: Rod: Tsunami Classic Casting 7' XH (15-30#) - Rod - Tsunami Classic Cast 7' H (12-25#)

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  Stunning Bottom Fishing Underwater View! 12 Species!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Incredible underwater footage of fluke, sea bass, porgies, mackerel, and 8 other species reacting to drifted bait. Affiliate links to gear: Fluke Candy Teaser - Otter Tail Bait Strip (Long Curly) - Water Wolf Unde...

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  Surf Fishing Series Part-3...
richtroxler Channel - This is Part-3 of my "View From The Beach" Surf Fishing Education Series. The topic is "Why Conditions Matter". Due to the limitations of Windows Movie Maker, I was forced to do this topic in two parts because Movie Maker kept screwing up the timing of the slides and audio. I a...

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  HOT Ocean Fluke (Flounder) Bite Plus Underwater View...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Affiliate links to gear used in this video: Rod - Tsunami Classic Cast 7' (12-25#) Reel - Reel Power Handle - Line - 15# - Leader - 25# - Gulp...

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FISHING KNOTS - How to SNELL FISH Hooks Quick Easy and Strong Method for Saltwater Fishing
Learn how to snell fishing hooks quickly and easily using this very strong and reliable fishing knot. Snell your monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders to various types of fish hooks. Easily tie custom fishing rigs for stripers, bluefish and various other saltwater gamefish. Hooks with turned up and...
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  Interview with Crazy Alberto Knie Part I
Part I...
Added by: adminjay
DJ Muller Discusses Fishing a SuperStrike Needle Fish
Guide DJ Muller discusses fishing this versatile and deadly lure in all sections of the water column. Speed, weight, and geography are discussed in depth. DJ lends wisdom most have to stand on a dark cold beach to hear....
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  Casting for Fluke with Bucktails and Gulp
Fluke fishing with bucktails and Gulp. Bucktail fluke casting while kayak fishing. This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail
Added by: adminjay

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DJ Muller Loading a Super Strike Needle Fish
Got to meet DJ last year at the RISSA show very helpful with a couple of techniques that I was trying...
04:11 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim
Beach Fishing for Stripers - Bucktailing Swells
This is exactly what I have done a lot up on Plum Island,Ma with very good success everyone should read his book...
04:03 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim
Daytime Darters
This guy is awesome thanks for the great video Mr. Wetzel...
03:57 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim