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  Surf Fishing Series Part-1...
richtroxler Channel - This is part-1 of a new series of educational videos I'll be doing on surf fishing. This video provides a frame work for developing the information base needed in order to make effective decisions when surf fishing. Subsequent videos will explore specific aspects of surf fishin...

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  Dock and Pier Fishing for Flounder (Fluke)...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Fishing for Fluke or Summer Flounder with bucktail jigs and Gulp baits from a dock. Flounder fishing tips are given for fishing stationary structure such as piers and docks....

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  Chunking Bunker for Striped Bass - A Mobile Approach Part-2...
richtroxler Channel - This is part 2 of Chunking Bunker for Striped Bass and is about 20 minutes of non-stop info. Sorry it took so long to get it out. It was actually longer but I had to trim it back because Windows Movie Maker was choking on it lol. If you have questions, feel free to ask....

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  Flounder/Fluke Reacting to Gulp Underwater!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - An eye-opening underwater view of Fluke, AKA Summer Flounder, reacting to Berkley Gulp Baits. This video should convince most viewers that the Gulp baits smell and taste good to these fish....

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  Ocean Fluke/Flounder Fishing with Jigs and Gulp...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Jigging for fluke, AKA summer flounder, in 70 feet of water with bucktail jigs....

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  Flounder (Fluke) Fishing Underwater - Bait vs Jig...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Underwater flounder fishing video showing how fluke react to a choice of bait vs a bouncing jig....

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  Flounder/Fluke Fishing - Wading Flats and Bars...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Fishing for Flounder/Fluke while wading shallow water flats and sandbars. Summer flounder are caught jig casting a shallow bay....

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  Inlet Flounder Fishing - 6-pound Fluke on the Rocks...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Fishing tips for catching Summer Flounder, or Fluke, surfcasting an inlet. Jetty fishing produces big fluke while jigging bucktails and Gulp....

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  10-pound Summer Flounder (Fluke)! - Released!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - A 10-pound fluke (summer flounder) caught and released while kayak fishing! The video supports Chapter 11 in my book, Fishing for Summer Flounder....

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  Aggressive Flounder/Fluke Underwater Behavior!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Watch summer flounder, AKA fluke, strike baits and try to eat the Water Wolf camera! This video focuses on fluke behavior and supports chapter 1 of

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  Wild False Albacore Fishing! - and Stripers Too!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Surf fishing for false albacore and striped bass. Tins and bucktails are used to catch albies and stripers while surfcasting....

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  Fall Cow Surfcasting Stripers - Win 1 Lose 1...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Large striped bass are hooked on pencil popper lures while surfcasting....

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Casting for Fluke with Bucktails and Gulp
Fluke fishing with bucktails and Gulp. Bucktail fluke casting while kayak fishing. This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail
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  FISHING KNOTS - How to SNELL FISH Hooks Quick Easy and Strong Method for Saltwater Fishing
Learn how to snell fishing hooks quickly and easily using this very strong and reliable fishing knot. Snell your monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders to various types of fish hooks. Easily tie custom fishing rigs for stripers, bluefish and various other saltwater gamefish. Hooks with turned up and...
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DJ Muller Discusses Fishing a SuperStrike Needle Fish
Guide DJ Muller discusses fishing this versatile and deadly lure in all sections of the water column. Speed, weight, and geography are discussed in depth. DJ lends wisdom most have to stand on a dark cold beach to hear....
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  Big Fluke Fishing! - Partyboat Flounder Fishing
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Supports my book Fishing the Bucktail. How to catch flounder from a partyboat jigging with bucktails. Catching fluke from the ocean in deep water....
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DJ Muller Loading a Super Strike Needle Fish
Got to meet DJ last year at the RISSA show very helpful with a couple of techniques that I was trying...
04:11 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim
Beach Fishing for Stripers - Bucktailing Swells
This is exactly what I have done a lot up on Plum Island,Ma with very good success everyone should read his book...
04:03 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim
Daytime Darters
This guy is awesome thanks for the great video Mr. Wetzel...
03:57 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim