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  Big Sea Bass Slam! Mixed Bag Jig Fishing...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Sea Bass, Fluke, Striped Bass, Bluefish are all on this video and responding to John Skinner bucktails and Tsunami Silicone Glass Minnows. Otter Tail Bait strips did a superb job of conserving Gulp on this fishing trip....

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  Non-Stop Flounder (Fluke) Fishing through the Sea Robins...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Excellent summer flounder fishing despite the heavy presence of sea robins. Fluke were caught on bucktails, Tsunami Glass Minnows, and Gulp....

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  Large Gulp for Big Summer Flounder (Fluke)...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Big fluke (summer flounder) being caught on 6-inch Berkley Gulp Grubs and 5-inch Swimming Mullets....

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  Insane Flounder (Fluke) Jig Fishing Action...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Non-stop fishing action with fluke (summer flounder) devouring bucktail and Gulp combos. The video focuses on culling a limit of larger fluke from large numbers of smaller fish....

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  Striped Bass Beach Fishing - Storm Timing...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Surfcasting for Striped Bass with an approaching storm. Proper timing is the difference between good and poor catches fishing the beach....

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  Fishing for Creek Stripers and GoPro 5 Review...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Catching striped bass from a creek using bucktail jigs. GoPro 5 review for fishing....

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  Full Version , How to Target Trophy Stripers from the SURF...
Fishing Long Island Channel - This is the full version of Billy "The Greek" as he talks about targeting giant Striped Bass from the South Shore of Long Island....

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  Surfcasting the Open Beaches of Plum Island and the North Sh...
PISC Internet Channel - This is the September, 2015 presentation at the Plum Island Surfcasters club meeting in Newbury, MA. For more information about the club, see plumislandsurfcasters.o rg. For best viewing (especially the text on the slides), select HD quality in your YouTube settings....

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  Steve Gallant: The Versatile North Shore Surfcaster...
PISC Internet Channel - Presentation by Steve Gallant to the 2017 Annual Fishing Show of Plum Island Surfcasters (plumislandsurfcasters. org.)...

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  D. J. Muller: Hit 'Em Where They Live...
PISC Internet Channel -...

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  Surf Fishing Series Part-1...
richtroxler Channel - This is part-1 of a new series of educational videos I'll be doing on surf fishing. This video provides a frame work for developing the information base needed in order to make effective decisions when surf fishing. Subsequent videos will explore specific aspects of surf fishin...

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  Dock and Pier Fishing for Flounder (Fluke)...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Fishing for Fluke or Summer Flounder with bucktail jigs and Gulp baits from a dock. Flounder fishing tips are given for fishing stationary structure such as piers and docks....

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How to Catch Flounder from the Beach - 7.8-Pound Surf Fluke!
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Supports my book Striper Pursuit (Chapter 19). Catching flounder and fluke from the beach. Surf Fishing for flounder with lures, bucktails and Gulp....
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  DJ Muller Discusses Fishing a SuperStrike Needle Fish
Guide DJ Muller discusses fishing this versatile and deadly lure in all sections of the water column. Speed, weight, and geography are discussed in depth. DJ lends wisdom most have to stand on a dark cold beach to hear....
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Flounder Fishing - Nonstop Action
Supports my book Flounder fishing with Berkley Gulp and bucktails. Catching fluke with Berkler Gulp Alive Swimming Mullets....
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  Casting for Fluke with Bucktails and Gulp
Fluke fishing with bucktails and Gulp. Bucktail fluke casting while kayak fishing. This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail
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DJ Muller Loading a Super Strike Needle Fish
Got to meet DJ last year at the RISSA show very helpful with a couple of techniques that I was trying...
04:11 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim
Beach Fishing for Stripers - Bucktailing Swells
This is exactly what I have done a lot up on Plum Island,Ma with very good success everyone should read his book...
04:03 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim
Daytime Darters
This guy is awesome thanks for the great video Mr. Wetzel...
03:57 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim