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  Blackfish Jigging Opening Day 2018!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Kayak fishing for blackfish with light jigs and crabs on the opening day of the 2018 blackfish season. Affiliate Links to the gear used. Blackfish Jigs: Reel: Rod: Line: Lead...

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  30-pound Topwater Surf Fishing Striper and Hook Caution...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - A 30-pound striped bass is caught while fishing with pencil poppers in the approaching remnants of Hurricane Florence. Valuable advice on fishing hook selection is shared that could save your next big fish. Links to the gear follow. Affiliate Links to the gear used: ...

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  Underwater Doormats!! Jumbo Fluke (Flounder) and Sea Bass St...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Underwater video recorded on world class fluke (flounder) fishing grounds. This is my best and the first time I've captured true doormats hitting a lure with the underwater camera. Affiliate links to gear used below the water: Fluke Candy Teaser:

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  Trash Fish to Trophy! - Doormat Fluke on Searobin Bait...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Searobin and other "trash" fish are often overlooked as bait. Searobin strips are durable, productive, and free! This video shows how to prepare them, gives an underwater look at flounder (fluke) fishing with the strips, and highlights a trophy fluke caught on a searob...

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  Fillet a Flounder in Under 15 seconds!! | Chasin' Tail TV...
Chasin' Tail TV Channel - Capt. Sean Low shows us how to fillet a Fluke (Summer Flounder) in under 15 seconds!! Please join for exciting "how to" fishing videos, articles and discussion boards! If you like this video, let us know in the comments below and don't forg...

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  The Bloody Water Bluefish Blitz!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Surfcasting for bluefish as they attack a school of bunker leaving the water bloody in their wake. Affiliate links to the gear used: Bucktails: Otter Tail Bait Strips: Bluefish Rod: 7.5-feet, 12/20#:

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  Fluke (Flounder) Jig Fishing Catches 3 Species Limit!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Fluke (flounder) fishing with bucktails produced limits of fluke, sea bass, and striped bass on a phenomenal jigging trip. Affiliate links to gear used in this video: Rod - Tsunami Cast 7' H (12-25#) Quantum Reel - Reel P...

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  Striped Bass Bucktailing - Catching Fish on the Drop!...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Stripers are caught while surfcasting with bucktails. It's a red-hot morning bite and a great example of stripers hitting jigs as they sink. Affiliate Links to the Gear: Bucktail Lure: bucktail trailer (similar): bucktail...

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  Slow Pitch Striped Bass Fishing Attempt...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Slow pitch jigging tackle and technique are applied to striped bass fishing with interesting results. Affiliate Links to the Gear: Rod: Reel: Slow Pitch Jig: Diamond Jig: ...

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  Topwater Bluefish Fun and New Surf Rod Review...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Surfcasting for bluefish with topwater plugs while testing out a new Lamiglas 8-foot surf rod. Affiliate Links to the Gear: Rod: Reel: Lure: Pliers: Line:

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  Spring Fluke (Flounder) Jigging - Nice Catch on a Tough Day...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - A nice catch of fluke (summer flounder) is put together using bucktails on a slow day by patiently working over a piece of productive water. Affiliate links to gear used in this video: Drift Control Sock (similar) 48-inch: Rod (similar) - Ts...

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  Fast-Paced Spring Striper Surf Fishing on a Beautiful Mornin...
John Skinner Fishing Channel - A beautiful morning of striped bass surfcasting with stripers nearly every cast. Affiliate links to the gear used: John Skinner Bucktails: Rod: 7',6-12# - Reel: Line: (10#) -

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Big Fluke Fishing! - Partyboat Flounder Fishing
John Skinner Fishing Channel - Supports my book Fishing the Bucktail. How to catch flounder from a partyboat jigging with bucktails. Catching fluke from the ocean in deep water....
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  Interview with Crazy Alberto Knie Part I
Part I...
Added by: adminjay
Bucktail Fishing on Inshore Structure - Striped Bass Fishing with Bucktails
Fishing for striped bass and bluefish over inshore rocks and structure while kayak fishing. Striped Bass fishing tips for fishing with bucktails. This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail
Added by: adminjay
  Flounder Fishing - Nonstop Action
Supports my book Flounder fishing with Berkley Gulp and bucktails. Catching fluke with Berkler Gulp Alive Swimming Mullets....
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DJ Muller Loading a Super Strike Needle Fish
Got to meet DJ last year at the RISSA show very helpful with a couple of techniques that I was trying...
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Beach Fishing for Stripers - Bucktailing Swells
This is exactly what I have done a lot up on Plum Island,Ma with very good success everyone should read his book...
05:03 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim
Daytime Darters
This guy is awesome thanks for the great video Mr. Wetzel...
04:57 PM, 01-04-2014 bigjim