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  Approaching Storm Ignites Topwater Bass!...
Bass fishing turns on as a storm approaches and the barometer drops! Fishing the beach ahead of bad weather often produces good catches like this. Affiliate Links to the Gear: Spook Lure (Jigging World) : Spook Lure (Lil Doc 7'' (original)): Pencil L...

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  Surf Fishing Lures - Pencil Popper vs Spook Plug!...
Surf Fishing that exploits the best features of pencil poppers and spook lures to put together an excellent bass catch! Affiliate Links to the Gear: Spook Lure (this video) : Spook Lure (Lil Doc 7'' (original)): Pencil Lure: Re...

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  THIS Catches Fish!!...
The bass fishing turned on when the fish got a look at this lure! Affiliate Links to the Gear: Lure (Lil Doc 7'') (this video): Lure (Jigging World 7'' (preferred)) : Reel: Rod: Line:

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  Catch and Cook - Easy Healthy Recipe for Any Fish!...
Some excellent blackfish (tautog) and sea bass fishing followed by cooking with a delicious yet easy recipe that is lactose-free and can be enjoyed by many who can't tolerate butter. Ghee is the regular butter substitute that has been a game-changer for me and it works with just about any fish! Lin...

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  Blackfish GULP Test - Some Surprises!...
This was the first time I tried Gulp while jig fishing for blackfish. While the blackfish results exceeded expectations, there were some interesting surprises! Links to the Gear: Just Fishing Charters: https://justfishinglongisland.c om/ Fishfinder: Trolling Motor: https://...

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  Blackfishing Shallow to Avoid Current - Plus Albies!...
This blackfish (tautog) jigging trip was a little slow to start with more current than I like, but then a move closer to shore to slower moving water paid off with an excellent catch. Some false albacore also added to the excitement! Links to the Gear: Fishfinder: Trolling ...

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  Explosive False Albacore Surfcasting - 12lb Albie!...
False albacore (Little Tunny) explode on small metal lures skipped across the water while surf fishing. The highlight is a 12-pounder that really tested the drag! Affiliate Links to the Gear: Rod: 7.5-foot, 10-17# - Reel (Similar): Lure: http://bit...

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  How to Locate Hidden Fishing Spots for Surf and Boat!...
In many areas it's easy to find a good fishing spot, such as a hidden boulder, with Google Earth. It's not as easy when standing on the shore to know precisely where to cast to make sure your bait or lure gets close to the structure. This video shows how Google Earth and a phone App was used to fish...

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  Blackfish, Bass, and Finding a New Spot with Side Scan!...
A superb fishing trip for blackfish (tautog) produces some nice tog as well as some stripers on jigs. Finding a new blackfish spot was easy using side scan sonar! Links to the Gear: Fishfinder: Trolling Motor: Affiliate Links to the Gear: White Rod:...

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  Talkin' Trash: The Legend Of Bob "The Garbage Man"...
In every sport there are legends, and in the South Jersey striper surf scene, there are none greater than Bob "The Garbage Man" Bratananananewski. But these icons won't be with us forever, making it critical that we record their wisdom and teachings while we still can. We will forever be humbled tha...

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  Blackfish Fishing from Shore - Triple Limit! Plus Albies!...
This video shows how to find good blackfish (tautog) spots on the beach and catch them with jigs. False albacore and other species are also caught on this phenomenal fishing trip! Affiliate Links to the Gear: blackfish jig: false albacore lure: Rod: ht...

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  2019 Blackfish Season Opens to Non-Stop Tog!...
Blackish (Tautog) fishing with light tackle and jigs while anchoring with a trolling motor. Affiliate Links to the Gear: Fishfinder: Trolling Motor: White Rod: Black Rod: Reel: L...

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William "Doc" Muller, author of books Fishing with Bucktails and Surfcaster, on using Bucktails in the Surf...
Added by: adminjay
  Flounder Fishing - Nonstop Action
Supports my book Flounder fishing with Berkley Gulp and bucktails. Catching fluke with Berkler Gulp Alive Swimming Mullets....
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FISHING KNOTS - How to SNELL FISH Hooks Quick Easy and Strong Method for Saltwater Fishing
Learn how to snell fishing hooks quickly and easily using this very strong and reliable fishing knot. Snell your monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders to various types of fish hooks. Easily tie custom fishing rigs for stripers, bluefish and various other saltwater gamefish. Hooks with turned up and...
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  Bucktail Fishing on Inshore Structure - Striped Bass Fishing with Bucktails
Fishing for striped bass and bluefish over inshore rocks and structure while kayak fishing. Striped Bass fishing tips for fishing with bucktails. This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail
Added by: adminjay

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