New Look for 2016

We now have a new look for the upcoming year and new goals to accomplish by the end of 2016. Our new site layout is more organized, easier to navigate and looks great on mobile devices and we do know we need to improve some back end functions to provide a better forum experiences for all mobile devices (we are working on it). Our site is best viewed with the desktop version to use it to fullest potential but some mobile options are available that are in use to provide a better users experience.

Your options are:

Desktop Version – Best experience!

Tapatalk – This is a app to view our blog as well as our forum available at google play and iTunes stores and its Free.

Mobile Version – Our blog automatically chooses the best users experience nothing to do on your part! You may wish to choose a mobile style on our forum and is very limited style (recommend using the app for the forum)

Now that the end of fishing season is near and our new goals in place I can deliver some of those promises made so long ago ADD CONTENT!  Most of my time been in the back end of this site and not delivering the goals of what this site is all about. I have often wondered why I am doing this and the answer is always the same ITS THE LOVE AND PASSION FOR SURFCASTING that drives me, Its all I think about every day all year long and became more than something I do and is now my lifestyle that I will never let go.

With that in mind better get to work on those promises!




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