THE SSS! (Sand Spike)

THE SSS! (Sand Spike) from Steve’s Sand Spikes

Product Review

THE SSS Product Features:

  • Spikes adjust in length from 36” to 72” tall!!!
  • The aluminum rod tubes are adjustable to hold rod handles from 8″ to 24″.
  • The SSS has 1/4″ stainless steel bolt for rod stop with stainless steel wing nut for quick adjustment.
  • All aluminum, fully TIG welded
  • The SSS has foot spikes positioned 14″ up from the bottom with an 8″ angle positioned pedal to easily spike your SSS into the sand.
  • Super sharp bottom edge for easy spiking!
  • These spikes brake down into two pieces for easy storage and handling.

THE SSS Stored

THE SSS Overall performed very well for us all though we did not hook up with any bass, Blues or any other larger fish and the surf was very calm. We are unable to say on how well THE SSS would perform in more extreme conditions (Heavy weed, Pounding surf, Stiff winds).

THE SSS Weld/Upper THE SSS Weld/foot spike

When we first received THE SSS was very pleased with how well it was welded and quick to set up. This open tube design I was never a big fan of because it could lose your rod in some conditions. THE SSS open tube is enclosed over half way around and felt lined a plus! We could set the height of the lower tube to match our handle to hold the rod in the upper tube snug ( not pictured ) at least on my poles tested and the two holes for the lower tube provided a way to adjust depth in that tube. The SSS was a real pleasure in handling our rod it made it easy in and made for real fast retrieve nice design.

THE SSS adjustable height design we have some small issues with. THE SSS is fast to set up but with only one bolt for the height adjustment there was a small wobble between the two halves and will cause someone to over tighten the wing nut. We would like to see two bolts on the joining halves and a washer between the wing nut and the angle to prevent digging in.

THE SSS foot spike THE SSS spike THE SSS Adjustable Height

THE SSS foot angle and spike is top notch! Easy spiking every time! The last aspect we noticed was how stable it was overall because of the added height and the point of the v of the angle facing the surf the spike tends to loosen in the sand and caused a wobble packing sand up and over the step may cure this and we will ( no doubt ) try out on our next test drive 🙂

THE SSS Lower Tube THE SSS Upper Tube THE SSS Tested

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