The Surfcaster’s Classic

Any one who knows us, knows how much we believe and support Catch and Release It’s not a request it’s a must for the survival of a species we all love. The countless mortality of some striper tournaments is overwhelming believe it or not a good number of anglers don’t play by the rules!

Now to the point! – Ever here of Catch. Compete. Release. ? Well you will!

A new type of striped bass tournament fishing is hitting the seen and is Catch and Release Only and it will push your striper fishing to the max! This is a season-long catch and release event brought to you by GoTight.Net, The founder Dave Anderson is also the  managing editor at Surfcaster’s

Currently there are 14 Event Weekends planned between May 16 and September 22nd. you may enter the GoTight.Net’s Surfcaster’s Classic or the Coast-Wide Cow Hunt

The Surfcaster’s Classic ( two-man team ) brought to you by Century Rods is a surfcasting striper tournament that’s devoted to catch and release! And is the only season-long catch and release events in existence.

The Coast-Wide Cow Hunt is an individual competition with categories for boat and surf.

The fees are very reasonable at a modest   $30 per angler ($60 per team) for the The Surfcaster’s Classic and $25 for the The Coast-Wide Cow Hunt and each angler will receive a T-shirt.

Prizes range from rods from Century, to a reel from Van Staal, jackets from Stormr and more to come!

To learn more or to sign-up visit

This One is Going to be FUN!!! 🙂

Great Job by Dave Anderson of GoTight.Net for putting this together it just my change the way we all fish!


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